Notes to publishers and agents: Keeping Their Word: Letters 1938-1962

The non-fiction manuscript, Keeping Their Word : Letters 1938-1962 by Mary G. Roseberry, crosses boundaries of memoir, personal essay and research narrative to capture an impression of late 1930s life in Germany and Austria as the Nazis intensified the ethnic cleansing they had begun in 1933. The author’s primary sources include nearly 300 letters, documents and photos kept by a family that came to Buffalo, New York, in 1941.

Two other first-person accounts of Holocaust survivors, whose stories were gathered in the course of the research, are also included. The manuscript is composed of 22 chapters that offer a glimpse into the unraveling lives of people who faced exile or death in Western Europe from 1933-1945.

The central narrative is framed by a second narrative of the author’s experience as she gathered correspondence and photos and began to search for letter-writers. She explores the loss of family history and the profound impact of experiencing history through the words of individuals.

The author, a professor of writing, literature and journalism, taught at Niagara County Community College in Western New York for more than twenty years.

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